When looking for your next home make sure to select a Realtor who will listen to your needs and will help match the location of your home to your lifestyle.

Here are sample of questions your Realtor should be asking you;

Where do you work? How important is it to you that your home be close to your workplace? Is it important your home be close to highways to enable you a comfortable commute to work?

If two people are buying the home together, and if they both work, which spouse needs the shorter commute time to the job location?

Are there any non-work commute time considerations? For example taking kids to and from school, and taking kids to and from extracurricular activities.

Are there any frequent trips to community centers, shopping or recreation locations?

What are your hobbies and would they be a factor in the location choosing the location of your next home? For example, if you are an avid bicycle rider do you want to be near bicycle paths and other bicycle friendly venues? Are you an avid runner or jogger, therefore would proximity to certain parks be a factor?

At any given time there are many houses on the market for sale. Why not optimize the location of your house? The right location could mean so much more time that you will have available in your life to relax, be with family and friends, and even save money on gasoline and wear and tear on your vehicles.

Of course, on the other hand, you may desire your home to be far, far away.

As a Realtor I believe that people’s needs and wishes come first. It is my pleasure and my commitment to you to match a home that is best for you. I want my buyer clients to enjoy their new home every day and know that out of all the homes on the market you selected the one that will be your home base for creating new memories.

Please call me to help find you the home of your dreams.

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